Simon Goodall and the Bourne Again Shadows

Saturday 21 July | 7.30pm | Bar open from 7.00pm

£15 tickets

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He was hailed as Britain’s Elvis Presley.  

They were the band that got excited teenagers wearing black-rimmed specs and strumming tennis rackets.

Cliff Richard and The Shadows dominated Britpop in the early sixties…..and six decades later, Cliff is still out there wowing the crowds.

As part of their ‘Celebrating Sixty Years of Cliff and The Shadows’ tour, Simon Goodall and The Bourne Again Shadows are playing at The Beacon on Saturday 21st July.

The band are critically acclaimed as the most authentic Cliff and The Shadows tribute act.  

Simon’s ability to catch the characteristics of Cliff’s voice is second to none (even Sir Cliff himself has said so), while the Bourne Again Shadows sound is hard to distinguish from the original Shadows’ recordings.  

Their performance features classic Cliff numbers like Summer Holiday and Living Doll, and all the Shadows’ big hits like Apache, Kontiki and Wonderful Land.