What's On at The Beacon 

Our programme of events is constantly being developed and updated so ensure you check back frequently to see what exciting performances have been added to the calendar. 

The Beacon Cinema is one of our regular events and always supported enthusiastically by the local community. If you would like to keep up-to-date with events at The Beacon, then join our mailing list. See our Activites pages to find out more about what's going on this summer!

Our ticket booking policy has recently been updated, please download an up to date copy.


Board Game Day

Thursday 4 August : 12pm - 8pm

A chance for all ages to come along and enjoy one of our increasingly popular Board Game evenings during the day!
From games to suit kids like mouse trap or Lego, to good old monopoly or whatever takes your fancy for the adults! There'll be plenty to choose from. 
£2.50 per adult / £1.00 per child - Play as many games as you like! 


Family FUNS

Starts: Thursday 11 August 2.00pm 

4 week course - every Thursday 
Aimed at: Early Years Foundations Stage (EYFS) & Key Stage 1 (KS1)
Helping families play and learn together whilst supporting children to develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE and life.
Family FUNS is a unique programme to bring schools and families together, ensuring consistent messages and promoting positive parenting habits to develop essential learning behaviours.






Summer Zumba! 

Starts: Wednesday 17 August 11am - 12am 

5 week course, every Wed morning (exc 07.09.16)

For mums and daughters (age 13+), join us this summer and learn easy to follow dance moves that will blow you away! 

£3.50 per session (for both mum and daughter) 

Contact Emma freeman on 07801203550 or Emma.Freeman@southandvale.gov.uk for more information!


Make A Movie Workshop

Friday 26 August 10am - 4pm

(for ages 10-15)

Lights, Camera, Action!  Ever wanted to star, film, produce and direct your own mini movie? Well now’s your chance!

Join us on this one day movie masterclass, where you get to make new movie skills with iPads and iMacs, and post onto YouTube the same day.

£18 per person