The Ridgeway Auditorium

General Information


The Ridgeway is a multipurpose auditorium with a capacity of up to 348 seated and 440 standing. Retractable tiered seating of 148 seats and an additional 200 seats at floor level are available.
Please confirm your technical requirements before your visit. The Beacon is a busy venue catering for a wide variety of events and are subject to change.



The Ridgeway is situated on the first floor of the venue with loading through the venue main entrance. A lift is available to the entrance of the room, there is no loading bay.


Dressing Rooms

There are two small dressing rooms situated stage left (approx. 2-3 person). Both with sinks, WC and well-lit make up mirrors. Additional dress room space can be made available in The Challow (approx. 10-15 person), with full length mirrors. Direct access to the stage wings.



There is a pay-and-display car park adjacent to the venue. There is no charge for parking on Sunday.



4X 32A and 4X 16A supplies are available to incoming companies, located equally USL and USR.



Additional 12X 1Mx2M Metrodeck with a variety of stage legs. Please contact the technician for additional staging. 




The Beacon’s lighting grid consists of 4X FOH bars and 2X on-stage bars. All dimming is fixed to the bars on the circuit diagram. DMX injection and 16A is available on LX3, LX5 and LX6. We hold a very limited amount of gel in house, please contact us for more information and additional fees associated. We have limited on-stage circuits available, please consider this when sending over LX plans.



Zero88 FLX w/Touchscreen Monitor


Fresnels and PCs

8X Strand Cantata F 1200w

12X Selecon Acclaim 650W

12X ETC Source 4 Par



12X Source 4JNR 25-50

4X Strand Brio 600w 18/30

4X Strand Brio 600W 25/50


LED & Misc

4X Martin Rush MH-6 Wash

4X Martin Rush MH-5 Profile

4X Selecon PLCYC-1 LED Cyc


4X Showtec Sunstrip Active

1X Le-Maitre MVS Hazer

4X Doughty Tank-Trap W/7ft scaff pole.

8X 15A 2-way couplers

Various 15A extensions cables




FOH consists of 2X QSC K10, 2X QSC KSub and 2X QSC K12 (flown on LX4).

Alternative FOH is available for larger events.



1X Behringer X32 Compact

1X Numark CD Player (MP3 and USB compatible)

Induction loop (hearing loop) available in the main auditorium

1X Behringer s16 Stage box (stage right).

Additional stage boxes available upon request.


*Stage Monitors

6X QSC K10



4X Shure Beta58

4X Shure SM58

2X Sennheiser E906

2X Shure SM57

2X Rode M3

AKG Rhythm Drum Mic Pack

3X Sennheiser E604

4X Klark-Teknik DN100

2X Samson Dual DI

Various K&M Short and Tall Microphone Boom Stands


Wireless Microphones

2X Sennheiser EW300 w/Lav

2X Sennheiser EW300 w/Handheld

*Sennheiser EW100 8-Way Rack W/Headband or Lav

All wireless microphones set to Channel 38 in Sennheiser Band GB.


Wireless conference microphones

The Beacon has a sophisticated wireless conference system available at an additional cost. This includes up to 20 delegate microphones and 2 chairman microphones.

1X Beyerdynamic Quinta CU

20X Beyerdynamic Quinta MU 21

2X Beyerdynamic Quinta MU 23


*Additional hire charges apply.




The Beacon has a number of projectors, screens and laptops available. Cat5 to VGA/HMDI is available in the Ridgeway. Please contact the venue technician to discuss your requirements.


1X 120” Motorised Projector Screen (on backdrop bar)

1X BENQ MW820ST Projector (on LX 6)

1X 16’X9’ Fast-fold Screen (Rear projection)

1X Canon XEED WUX5000 Projector

Small tripod screen and projector