Saturday 14 October

Stage Time


An exciting new blues, rock and boogie band, featuring guitarists Mal Reeves and Garry Kingett, bass player David Ball and drummer Tim Hillsdon.


The Thunderbird Story


Though the origins of the band are blurred by time one story suggests that Thunderbird may have been formed as long ago as 1856 by officers of the 17th Lancers returning from the Crimean War. Fabled for their daring exploits during the famous Charge of the Light Brigade rumours are that two officers, Major ‘Mally Lad’ Reeves and Captain Dave ‘Da Bass’ Ball accompanied by the loyal and steadfast regimental goat handler ‘Molehands’ soon tired of the lack of adventure and cannon fire offered by civilian life so decided to form a Blues Boogie band.

The trio’s sonic journey to their ongoing delusional success was not a simple one. Having auditioned numerous drummers over many decades none were able to fulfil the key role of being able to beat the drums loud enough for the battle deafened old soldiers to hear above the sound of their cranked amps or able to shout through the twelve bar cacophony to remind the trio of when to change key.

Despondent by a fruitless search for rhythm the band came up with the challenging concept of breeding their own drummer. Through a complicated plan of social selection and genetic manipulation over several generations and unplanned demands of the experiment like establishing a bogus Geordie only dating agency the group eventually saw the birth of their perfectly formed prototype drummer -Tim ‘The Tyneside Tom Tickler’ Hilsdon who joined the band in 2014 aged only five and a half.

The band play a rousing repertoire of good time, self honed and second hand Blues and Boogie with influences ranging from Dr Feelgood, Stevie Ray Vaughan to General Alexander Sergeyevich Menshikov CINC Russian Army, Crimea.